Dear Applicants, Friends and People That Share Thoughts,
Thank you so much!
The number of responses has been very gratifying.

Thank you to all of you who have sent your heart felt letters, emails to BICS and even gifts to myself during the application period. We truly appreciate your sincere correspondences, your intention to participate and/or to just tell us your “answers”.

I would like to state that the BICS essay contest is not a reflection of whether I or BICS staff do or do not have our own personal opinions as to whether human consciousness survives bodily death. Of course, everyone has opinions. I personally believe human consciousness does survive, and it probably matters what you do with your life here.

The purpose of the BICS essay contest is to generate research, discussion and stimulate debate. And perhaps in so doing, BICS may substantially broaden the amount of quality information available to you from a single website source.

We at BICS anticipate that it may be difficult for the contest judges to pick out just fourteen winners due to the expected high quality contestants and number of essay applications BICS has received.

Following the announcement of the fourteen winners on November 1, 2021, the BICS website will not only display the full content of the fourteen winning essays (each not to exceed 25,000 words), but also display the full content of many others that were judged to be high quality runners up. The volume of material could be extensive and thought provoking, hopefully, in a good way.

We recognize that many individuals and organizations do not necessarily believe that human consciousness survives bodily death. BICS is simply attempting to generate debate and discussion and present arguments that may enlighten, or generate more discussion about this very important topic.

With great appreciation, thank you again,

Robert T. Bigelow

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