BICS Mission Statement

The mission of BICS is to communicate, facilitate, educate and organize scientific research and exploration into the survival of human consciousness. These efforts shall focus particularly on consciousness surviving permanent bodily death. Additionally, research and investigations shall embrace all areas of human consciousness that can acquire information and/or cause effects upon space, time, animate or inanimate subject matter without the use of conventional means.

About BICS

BICS was founded in June 2020 by aerospace entrepreneur Robert T. Bigelow to support research into both the survival of human consciousness after physical death and, based on data from such studies, the nature of the afterlife. Robert Bigelow is the founder of Bigelow Aerospace. For decades he has also supported serious investigations into consciousness and manifestations of unusual phenomena that are not yet understood by science.

Despite intriguing evidence, the number of research groups and funding devoted to investigating the survival of human consciousness beyond death is shockingly small in the Western world. Even though all 7.8 billion humans on planet Earth will eventually die, very little high quality research is being conducted on perhaps the most important and fundamental question facing our species.

There are very few significant conferences or symposia on this question which could appeal to scientists, academics and others with advanced training. This is partly because such research is not taken seriously by the current “scientific” paradigm. This current “scientific” group was seriously shaken by the 2017 New York Times article concerning UFO’s. It is probably time to end this close-minded approach. We at BICS believe that one way to do so is to appeal to qualified professionals who have some power to create change.

One purpose of the BICS is to raise awareness among the public and within the scientific community of the importance and relevance of such an investigation. BICS hopes to provide a public service by drawing increasing attention to, and encouraging research into, this fundamental and timeless topic. We are seeking hard evidence “beyond a reasonable doubt” that takes us beyond religion or philosophy and provides a body of knowledge to be brought widely into the public arena that could be partially unifying in its impact on human awareness and culture.

Purpose of BICS Essay Competition

Another purpose of the BICS essay awards is to raise the public awareness for the Survival of Human Consciousness topic and to stimulate research. One goal of the essay contest is to award contestants for writing papers that summarize the best evidence available for the survival of human consciousness after permanent bodily death.

BICS intention is to provide a public service by:
1. Creating and implementing the essay contest.
2. Publishing responsible information to the widest audience possible.
3. Providing essays focused on scientific evidence as well as objective and subjective supported documentation as gathered.
  • From special cases, including older cases, from very credible witnesses
  • From photographic or electronic data
  • From all available literature
  • From highly validated and authenticated human experiences
  • From other relevant sources