Announcing the BICS Challenge Grants Program for 2023

Up to $1,000,000 in funding!

Grants: Up to $50,000 x 12 = $600,000

               Up to $100,000 X 4 = $400,000         

                        Total  Up to     $1,000,000

BICS will determine the values of the submitted proposals and will determine the dollars awarded for each proposal.


The Scope and Boundary of the Grants Program

The research is to be exclusive to the survival of human consciousness beyond permanent bodily death.

The research is to be exclusively focused on Contact or Communication with the “Other Side”.

The research should preferably break new ground.

BICS requires all applicants to submit information on themselves and their capability to conduct this research.

Important dates

Applicants send their preliminary proposal, including a thorough proposal summary, to BICS and BICS notifies selected applicants of acceptance to submit a grant proposal

Applicants send preliminary proposals and summary           11/1/2022-1/1/2023

Applicants submit proposals between                                     1/1/2023-4/1/2023

Proposal submission cutoff date                                               4/1/2023     

Grantees announced                                                                   8/1/2023

Final Reports Due                                                                        5/1/2024



Additional Items to Emphasize Regarding the Proposal

·        BICS requires a preliminary application procedure to validate that applicants have the required background and experience to submit proposals for the BICS Challenge. In addition, a thorough summary of the proposed project should be submitted. Applicants will be requested to submit brief descriptions of their education, backgrounds and experience in researching SOHC as well as a thorough summary of the proposed research. Successful applicants will be notified that they are authorized to submit full formal proposals before 2/1/2023. Applications will need to be submitted between 11/1/2022 and 1/1/2023 to  

·        The proposal in 12-point font and less than 10,000 words must have:

o   A table of contents

o   A thorough abstract at the beginning of the proposal

o   Objectives the grant or proposal is intending to achieve

o   A thorough budget

o   A thorough breakdown of milestones with detailed deliverables indicating the dollar amount to be paid to the grantee upon satisfactory completion of each milestone

o    A thorough section describing why the proposed work is important and novel and must give details of experimental designs and controls.

o   A conclusion and Summary at the end

·        Proposers must emphasize their qualifications and experience in the SOHC field and justify why BICS should have confidence in their ability to execute the proposal.

·        Contact and Communication with the other side is the exclusive focus. However, this does not entail contacting deceased relatives. Rather BICS will request wisdom acquisition from the Afterlife, including advice from the Afterlife.

·        The total proposal must not 10,000 words in 12-point format (resumes or CVs do not count in the 25-page proposal limit)

·        Any significant upfront dollar amount needs to be justified in detail. BICS will automatically disqualify a proposal that requests the majority of funds upfront

·        Deliverables must be tied to milestone payments and each deliverable must be clearly articulated

·        BICS encourages researchers to form teams or consortia to write and execute the proposals

·        All researchers or grantees that are part of the proposal will be classified and paid as independent contractors by BICS

·        All independent contractors/grantees will be required to sign a Liability Release form as well as an Informed Consent in the same document. Signatures and dates on this document are prerequisites for entering the Challenge 2023 program.

·        All charts, graphs and tables in the proposal must be carefully designed to be easily understood and user friendly

·        If a milestone-deliverable involves a PowerPoint presentation, the presentation must be very thorough in documenting the preliminary results with clarity

·        All names of mediums are to be anonymized

·        BICS will not coach proposal writers on the scope of work

·        BICS & grantees/Independent Contractors have joint ownership of the data and report.

The parties will jointly own the research data and report, and each shall have a royalty-free, right to publish the research.

·        Independent contractor must assign to BICS the right to use any and all intellectual property used in the research.  

·        It is the responsibility of each researcher to ensure that an Independent Review Board has approved all research involving Human Research Participants. BICS will require proof that the independent contractor is in compliance with this requirement.